Holistic Healthcare: An Investment in Your Kids’ Long-Term Health

When most laypeople think about medicine, they think about dramatic interventions, high-stakes surgeries and other screen-worthy bursts of activity. Such things might make for great viewing, but they’re a small piece of what medical professionals actually do.

More and more physicians — particularly pediatricians, like Annamaria Kontor, — are embracing what’s known as holistic healthcare, a “whole-body” approach to health. Holistic healthcare focuses on preventive care: sound diet, exercise and regular checkups, natural methods and remedies; using modern medical preparations and assistance, as may be the best choice. Holistic healthcare often involves remediating the source of health issues, rather than treating symptoms — for instance, addressing indoor allergens rather than prescribing an inhaler or allergy pills. Bottom line: Holistic medicine is a more conservative approach that doesn’t compromise results and is often cheaper than more aggressive measures.